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Disrupting the Status Quo

Mockingbird Law Group (MLG) formed in 2021 with a vision of doing law differently. While spending years at law firms across the southeastern region, the founding members of MLG realized a shift in how clients want to be represented. At the same time, MLG founders noticed the need for the legal profession to adapt to the changing needs of clients.

The truth is, clients don’t get efficient and cost-effective representation from the law firms of “yesterday”. This is precisely what MLG has set out to provide – effective representation. By leveraging technology and an acute understanding of the modern client’s needs, MLG is able to employ a level of attentiveness and problem-solving creativity that antiquated firms do not.

With 16 years of combined practice experience, the hallmark of Mockingbird Law Group is the finely tuned ability to solve problems of all shapes and sizes. Where most lawyers hesitate to tackle issues outside their comfort zone, MLG embraces the challenge of unusual matters just as often as the usual. Unlike Yesterday’s law firms, Mockingbird Law Group is not only in the business of solving problems but also disrupting the status quo.

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